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Use SSH in Firefox with FireSSH

FireSSH is a Firefox extension that acts as an SSH client within the browser environment.

After it is installed, you run FireSSH by selecting Tools -> Web Developer -> FireSSH in the Firefox menu bar. You will then get prompted for SSH credentials as depicted below.

FireSSH login prompt at version 0.94.3

To import SSH settings in .dat file format, at the FireSSH login prompt choose Tools -> Import.

When you initiate an SSH session with a host for the first time, you get prompted regarding the server’s key like so.

FireSSH key prompt

FireSSH v0.94.3 key prompt

When you get your authentication squared away, you are presented with an SSH terminal within a Firefox browser window.

FireSSH shell prompt

FireSSH v0.94.3 shell prompt

To configure FireSSH’s options, go to Tools -> Add-ons -> Extensions -> FireSSH Options.

FireSSH v0.94.3 options

FireSSH v0.94.3 options

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December 31, 2011 at 12:24 PM

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