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Arkansas sheriff’s office hit by ransomware pays hackers

Yahoo News, 13 Dec 2016 – An Arkansas sheriff’s office paid hackers the equivalent of $2,400 to regain access to hijacked computer files. Carroll County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Daniel Klatt said the department’s system was infected Dec. 5 with ransomware, which typically works by encrypting computer files to deny its owner access unless they pay a ransom, often in the electronic currency bitcoin, which is hard to trace. [More]

To pay, or not to pay…Should I pay the ransom?

LinkedIn, 9 Dec 2016 – Ransomware has the potential to cripple an organization resulting in material impact to the business. Business leaders need to be proactive in their planning on how to deal with a ransomware event. [More]

NTP: The Most Neglected Core Internet Protocol

CircleID, 5 Dec 2016 – The Internet of today is awash with networking protocols, but at its core lies a handful that fundamentally keep the Internet functioning. From my perspective, there is no modern Internet without DNS, HTTP, SSL, BGP, SMTP, and NTP. Just about all secure communication protocols and server synchronization processes require that they have their internal clocks set the same. NTP is the protocol that allows all this to happen. [More]

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