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March – April 2017 News Archive

New Malware strains targeting all versions of MacOSX clients

GB Hackers, 28 Apr 2017 – People regularly anticipate that in case you’re strolling OSX, you’re highly secure from malware. But that is turning into much less and less real, as evidenced via brand new strain of malware encountered with the aid of the Check Point research team. [More]

C-Suite and IT Need to Get on the Same Page on Cybersecurity

Harvard Business Review, 26 Apr 2017 – A recently published global survey of C-Suite level executives and IT Decision Makers (ITDMs) revealed a large gap in assessments of cyber threats, costs and areas of responsibilities. The research shows there is a lack of understanding when it comes to the cost of a successful breach, which many underestimate. [More]

The Pentagon Still Doesn’t Encrypt Its Emails

Mother Jones, 31 Mar 2017 – A year and a half ago several US government agencies weren’t using basic, easy-to-implement, encryption technology, failing to protect their employees emails traveling across the Internet. At the time, the Army, the Navy, and even the CIA and FBI didn’t use the widespread email encryption technology known as STARTTLS. Since then, the FBI, NSA, CIA, and the Department of Homeland Security have all adopted it. But the Defense Information Systems Agency or DISA, the Pentagon’s branch that oversees email through the service, still has not, according to an online testing tool. [More]

America’s Cybersecurity Emergency That Keeps Getting Worse

Forbes, 29 Mar 2017 – The federal government collects information about every man, woman and child in our country. Unfortunately, the federal government is the world capital of cyber insecurity. Unless we take steps to prevent rapidly increasing cyber-attacks by foreign criminals and unfriendly governments, our economy and national security are at huge risk. [More]

9 biggest information security threats through 2019

CIO, 28 Mar 2017 – The information security threat landscape is constantly evolving. To help you navigate the terrain, each year the Information Security Forum (ISF)puts out its Threat Horizon report to provide members with a forward-looking view of the biggest security threats over a two-year period. What follows are the nine biggest threats on the horizon through 2019 that your organization may have to manage and mitigate. [More]

Continuous IT audits are needed to combat today’s cyber threats

CSO, 27 Mar 2017 – Our CEO recently decided it was time to offer a continuous total audit solution. As you know IT audits are often done on a yearly basis and that leaves IT departments scrambling to fix everything once a year. Imagine an IT audit that starts with an initial risk assessment that determines the yearly continuous audit plan? Enter continuous auditing. For a little more than the cost of a yearly audit that only looks at your People, Process and Technology once a year, now audit teams can be engaging with your IT team monthly. [More]

Content-Centric Networking: A Better Way to Organize the Internet

IEEE Spectrum, 23 Mar 2017 – The Internet is more than 45 years old, and it’s starting to show its age. To be sure, it has served us wonderfully well. Today, however, all of those users demand a level of performance that the Internet was never designed to deliver. [More]

Guide to Implementing the Top Ten Security Principles for Business

Security Compass, 17 Mar 2017 – It’s more important now than ever to run a business securely, but with threats becoming more common and complex every day and countermeasures always shifting, it can be difficult to know how to start building an effective information security practice. In order to help, we at Security Compass’s advisory unit distilled the most critical measures into ten security principles that every business should follow. [More]


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