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July – August 2016 News Archive

3DES symmetric-key block cipher on the way out, 24 Aug 2016 – Because DES (and triple-DES) has only a 64-bit block size, birthday attacks are a real concern. With the ability to run Javascript in a browser, it is possible to send enough traffic to cause a collision, and then use that information to recover something like a session cookie. If you run a server, you should disable triple-DES. [More]

Despite billions spent on cybersecurity, companies aren’t truly safe from hacks

CSO, 22 Aug 2016 – Last year, private sector companies globally spent more than $75 billion on security software to safeguard their systems and data. That number is expected to grow about 7% annually, according to Gartner and other analyst firms. It doesn’t include all the massive amounts spent on fraud prevention by banks, a number that is widely underreported and expected to reach into the billions annually. Has all that spending made private sector data and systems any safer? Is customer personal data any safer? [More]


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October 1, 2016 at 9:37 PM

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