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NANOG: online knowledge repository for IT professionals

In a previous post I listed and described various organizations which are considered highly influential and authoritative across the wide field of information technology. These organizations are deeply involved in setting standards and best practices for nearly all facets of modern computing. One group which I neglected to include (but should have) is the North American Network Operators’ Group, or NANOG. Founded in 1994, NANOG describes itself as a “professional association for Internet engineering and architecture. Our core focus is on the technologies and systems that make the Internet function: core routing and switching; Internet inter-domain routing; the domain name system; peering and interconnection; and Internet core security. We also cover associated areas…such as data centers and optical networking.”

Although not a standards-setting body, NANOG provides a platform for knowledge exchange and professional networking opportunities in the form of their triannual meetings. These events serve as venues for some of the top minds in the industry to detail the findings of their research and to present the lessons learned from their real world work experiences. Recordings of the presentations are uploaded to the NANOG website and can be downloaded for free. This content serves as a fantastic educational resource for IT professionals who are seeking to keep their subject matter expertise sharp and relevant.

North American Network Operators' Group (NANOG)

NANOG Training: Top Picks for IT Pros

NANOG meetings have been taking place since 1994; their 62nd meeting will occur in October 2014 in Baltimore. Consequently, the amount of training materials generated by these events is impressive. To help narrow down the choices, here are my picks for the most useful and practical NANOG presentations. In an effort to present information which is applicable to today’s technology, I have selected from only those presentations given since NANOG’s ten-year anniversary (2004). This list will be updated with choice content from future NANOG conferences. NANOG also has its own YouTube page with over sixty videos.

BGP 101 Tutorial: Abstract | PDF | Video
BGP 102 Tutorial: Abstract | PDF | Video
BGP 101 Tutorial (2010): Abstract | PDF | Video
BGP 102 Tutorial (2010): Abstract | PDF | Video
BGP in 2013: Abstract | PDF | Video
BGP Troubleshooting Techniques, Part 1: Abstract | PDF | Video1 | Video2
BGP Troubleshooting Techniques, Part 2: Abstract | PDF | Video1 | Video2
How Secure are Secure BGP Protocols?: Abstract | PDF | Video
Introduction to BGP Tutorial: Abstract | PDF | Video
Making Sense of BGP: Abstract | PDF | Video

A DNS Anomaly Detection and Analysis System: Abstract | PDF | Video
Better than Best Practices are Needed to Defeat DNS Amplification Attacks: Abstract | PDF | Video
Complexity and Issues around the DNS Root: Abstract | PDF | Video
DNS 101 Tutorial: Abstract | PDF | Video
DNS Infrastructure Distribution: Abstract | PDF | Video
DNSSEC Implementation Using Bind 9.7 Tutorial: Abstract | PDF | Video
Introduction to DNSSEC: Abstract | PDF | Video
You Can’t Do That With nslookup: DNS(SEC) Troubleshooting: Abstract | PDF | Video

100 Gigabit Ethernet and Beyond: Abstract | PDF | Video
Bandwidth Growth and the Next Speed of Ethernet: Abstract | PDF | Video
Ethernet Fabrics 101: Abstract | PDF | Video
What’s Going on with Ethernet?: Abstract | PDF | Video

IPv4 Address Conservation Method for Hosting Providers: Abstract | PDF | Video
Managing 100+ million IP addresses: Abstract | PDF | Video
Rapid Convergence in IP Networks: Abstract | PPT | Video

Building an IPv6 Address Management System: Abstract | PDF | Video
Don’t Have the Plaid Polyester Leisure Suit of IPv6 Networks: Abstract | PDF | Video
Introduction to IPv6: Abstract | PDF | Video
IPv6 Adoption: Abstract | PDF | Video
IPv6 and IPv4: Twins or Distant Relatives?: Abstract | PDF | Video
IPv6 at Google: Abstract | PDF | Video
IPv6 Performance Bonus: Abstract | PDF | Video
IPv6 Routing Introduction: Abstract | PDF | Video
IPv6 Transition & Operational Reality: Abstract | PDF | Video
IPv6: Are We There Yet?: Abstract | PDF | Video
The Costs of IPv4-IPv6 Dual Stack: Abstract | PDF | Video

Foray into MPLS: Abstract | PDF | Video
Methods of Interconnecting MPLS Networks: Abstract | PDF | Video
MPLS for Dummies Tutorial: Abstract | PDF | Video
MPLS Over Various IP Encapsulations: Abstract | PDF | Video
MPLS Traffic Engineering: Abstract | PDF | Video
Unified MPLS: Abstract | PDF | Video

Networking (general)
Best Practices in Network Planning and Traffic Engineering: Abstract | PDF | Video
Bridges, Routers, Switches, Oh My! (Tutorial): Abstract | PDF | Video
Diagnosing Network Disruptions with Network-Wide Analysis: Abstract | PDF | Video
Evolution of the Facebook Backbone: Abstract | PDF | Video
How to Accurately Interpret Traceroute Results: Abstract | PDF | Video
IEEE 802.1aq Shortest Path Bridging Tutorial: Abstract | PDF | Video
Introduction to Shell and Perl Scripting for Network Operators: Abstract | PDF | Video
Network Core Infrastructure, Best Practices: Abstract | PDF | Video
Network Operations Practices Tutorial: Abstract | PDF | Video
Optical Networking 101 & 201 Tutorial (2010): Abstract | PDF | Video
Optical Networking 101 Tutorial (2013): Abstract | PDF | Video
Troubleshooting with Traceroute Tutorial: Abstract | PDF | Video
Tutorial: Which Routing Protocol?: Abstract | PDF | Video

802.1X: Deployment Experiences and Obstacles to Widespread Adoption: Abstract | PDF | Video
Analysis of the DDoS Attack Against SCO: Abstract | PDF | Video
Botnets, DDoS and Ground-Truth – A Look at 5,000 Confirmed Attacks: Abstract | PDF | Video
DDoS: Current and Evolving Frameworks: Abstract | PDF | Video
Implications of Securing Backbone Router Infrastructure: Abstract | PPT | Video
Information Collection on DDoS Attacks: Abstract | PDF | Video
Infrastructure Security Survey Overview: Abstract | PDF | Video
Internet Superbugs and The Art of War: Abstract | PDF | Video
ISP Security 101 Primer: Abstract | PPT | Video
ISP Security Toolkits Tutorial: Abstract | PDF | Video
Offensive Anti-Botnet – So you want to take over a botnet: Abstract | PDF | Video
Searching for DNS Cache Poisoners: Abstract | PDF | Video
Team Cymru Bogon Route Servers: Abstract | PDF | Video
Understanding the Network-Level Behavior of Spammers: Abstract | PDF | Video

A Storage Menagerie: SANs, Fibre Channel, Replication and Networks: Abstract | PDF | Video
Storage 101: Storage for Networking Folks: Abstract | PDF | Video

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