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Colasoft Ping Tool

The free Ping Tool from Colasoft is a graphical interface for the ping command. The Ping Tool issues continuous ping requests to the target you specify and then creates charts to graphically depict the response times.

Colasoft Ping Tool

Colasoft Ping Tool v1.2, Build 218

The charting feature is particularly handy when you want to compare response times from multiple targets. To launch a ping scan on two or more hosts, simply separate their names or IP addresses with commas in the target field (for example, ‘,’). Then choose File -> Start Ping.

You then can display the ping results in 2D or 3D using bar charts, line charts, or area charts. To save the ping output chart, click the “Save Chart to Bitmap” button.

Here is another screenshot of Ping Tool with an altered GUI compared to the previous one:

Colasoft Ping Tool

Colasoft Ping Tool v1.2, Build 218

The available options for program configuration are quite limited, as shown below.

Colasoft Ping Tool options

Colasoft Ping Tool v1.2, Build 218 options

Colasoft offers several other similar products (many of them freeware) that would appeal to network administrators and ethical hackers. The Colasoft support forum is located here.

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