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Tera Term has been one of the industry’s mainstay terminal emulators. Network device administrators in particular have used Tera Term because it supports both telnet/SSH and serial connections.

There are presently two versions of Tera Term available: version 3.13 from Ayera Technologies and version 4.80 from LogMeTT. This schism occurred as a result of Tera Term’s disjointed development process.

Tera Term v4.80 interface

The Tera Term v4.80 interface with connection setup options

Tera Term was originally released free and open source (FOSS) by T. Teranishi in the late 1990’s. In 2002 Ayera Technologies released its closed source version of Tera Term at version 3.13. Starting in 2004 Yutaka Hirata and Boris Maisuradze restarted the FOSS development and distribution of Tera Term (under the BSD license) which you can download from, home of the latest version of TeraTerm PRO and more.

The LogMeTT version of Tera Term is much more recent than the Ayera one, and will be reviewed here.

When you install LogMeTT Tera Term, it comes bundled with LogMeTT’s other products, LogMeTT and TTLEditor.

When you launch Tera Term it prompts you to start a new connection. You can choose between telnet, SSH version 1 or version 2, and IPv4 or IPv6.

Tera Term new connection prompt

Tera Term new connection prompt

The menu bar in the Tera Term graphical interface offers dozens of configuration options that allow you to customize Tera Term’s look and feel as well as the parameters of your connections. For example, here are the options just for the SSH protocol.

Tera Term v4.80 SSH configuration options

Tera Term v4.80 SSH configuration options

Tera Term v4.80 SSH authentication options

Tera Term v4.80 SSH authentication options

As you can see, Tera Term is full of features and configuration possibilities. For those who have questions about Tera Term usage or who encounter difficulty using the program, LogMeTT offers a support forum to provide assistance.

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