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GoToManage RogueScanner

Update: GoToAssist, formerly known as GoToManage, seems to have abandoned RogueScanner as well as two other utilities of theirs, Packetyzer and tcpindex.

RogueScanner is one of the free open source networking tools available from GoToManage. The latest version of RogueScanner is 2.6.0 and dates from July 2008.

RogueScanner’s readme file states that it “will automatically spider your network and identify the vendor and model of device’s attached to it with an emphasis on wireless APs.” While it is true that RogueScanner will annoyingly initiate a network scan when it is launched, in my experience it is not true that it will identify the vendor and model of any live hosts it finds. The results displayed in the screenshot of the RogueScanner tour differ greatly with the results I was able to collect. While GoToManage’s screenshot shows the IP addresses, MAC addresses, vendors, models, and classes of the hosts scanned, my scans were only able to return the IP and MAC addresses, as shown below.

RogueScanner version 2.6.0

The RogueScanner version 2.6.0 interface

The functionality of the graphical interface is very limited. To customize RogueScanner you need to manually edit the scan.conf file located in C:\Program Files\RogueScanner. By default the scan.conf files looks like this:

# Automatically generated configuration file


The various options that can be customized in scan.conf are listed in the program’s README text file. Unfortunately I was not able to experiment with them because RogueScanner repeatedly hung and crashed.

RogueScanner stops responding

RogueScanner stops responding on Windows 7

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