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Update: GoToAssist, formerly known as GoToManage, seems to have abandoned Packetyzer as well as two other utilities, RogueScanner and tcpindex.

Packetyzer, one of the free open source tools from GoToManage, is described as a “Windows user interface for the Ethereal packet capture and dissection library”. Packetyzer currently stands at version 5.0 and dates from June 2006. The Ethereal packet sniffer was renamed Wireshark in June 2006 but apparently the publishers of Packetyzer didn’t get that memo.

Packetyzer is most likely an obsolete tool. Its README file states that it is built with Ethereal 0.99.0 and winpcap 3.1. However at the time of this writing, version 1.7 of Wireshark and version 4.1.2 of winpcap are available. Furthermore Wireshark comes with its own graphical user interface which eliminates or highly reduces the need for Packetyzer’s interface.

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When you launch Packetyzer it prompts you to specify a network interface and a few other options.

Packetyzer initial interface

The Packetyzer v5.0 initial interface

This is the main Packetyzer 5.0 graphical interface with some lines from a sample packet capture shown.

Packetyzer 5.0 user interface

The Packetyzer 5.0 user interface

Packetyzer 5.0 options interface

The Packetyzer 5.0 options interface

The Protocols Options tabs allows you to specify options for dozens of networking protocols, three of which are shown below.

Packetyzer 5.0 IP options

Packetyzer 5.0 IP options

Packetyzer 5.0 TCP options

Packetyzer 5.0 TCP options

Packetyzer 5.0 HTTP options

Packetyzer 5.0 HTTP options

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