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Angry IP Scanner

The Angry IP Scanner tool is useful for performing customized ping sweeps. It doesn’t need to be installed; simply launch the executable to use it.

Angry IP Scanner is available for the Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems. Some alternate download locations are CNET and SourceForge.

Angry IP Scanner

The main Angry IP Scanner v3 interface

Right-clicking on the hosts you scan lets you access some common tasks, as shown below.

Angry IP Scanner command options

Angry IP Scanner command options

The Angry IP Scanner options let you specify which types of ping requests you want to send and which ports you want to target. The pinging methods available are Windows Ping (ICMP), ICMP Echo, ICMP Echo (alternate), UDP packet, TCP port probe, and Combined TCP + UDP.

Angry IP Scanner options

Angry IP Scanner v3 scanning options

More details about the functionality of Angry IP Scanner can be found in the program FAQs.

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