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About 5 Million Google Account Credentials Dumped Online

Softpedia, 10 Sep 2014 – A database containing usernames and passwords for almost five million Google accounts emerged on a Russian forum late on September 9. The user dumping the information on Bitcoin Security board uses the online alias “tvskit” and says that although not all the entries are valid, more than 60% of them should be working; all passwords are provided in plain text. [More]

Home Depot Hit By Same Malware as Target

KrebsOnSecurity, 7 Sep 2014 – The apparent credit and debit card breach uncovered last week at Home Depot was aided in part by a new variant of the malicious software program that stole card account data from cash registers at Target last December, according to sources close to the investigation. [More]

Android: 33% more device shipments, 60% more fragmentation

TechRepublic, 5 Sep 2014 – Android has a problem. Or, rather, Android developers have a problem. Despite dominating a whopping 84.7% of the global smartphone market (up from 79.6% in 2013), Android fragmentation gets worse each year, with developers needing to account for at least 18,796 different Android devices in circulation this year. What’s a developer to do? [More]

Analysis of Chinese MITM on Google

Netresec, 4 Sep 2014 – The Chinese are running a MITM attack on SSL encrypted traffic between Chinese universities and Google. We’ve performed technical analysis of the attack, on request from, and can confirm that it is a real SSL MITM against and that it is being performed from within China. [More]

Hospital Hacks Are Skyrocketing Because Hospitals Are Easy to Hack

Gizmodo, 3 Sep 2014 – According to a fresh report from cybersecurity experts, hospitals are hackers’ new favorite playground. That’s unsettling news for anyone who’s ever visited a hospital (read: everyone) but it also offers a curious window into how we guard our most important data. Put bluntly, we do a pretty piss poor job of it. [More]

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